Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you know all the uses for Fragrance Oils?

We desire to offer you a greater understanding of fragrance oils and their uses. Perfumes oils are the origin of today's perfume sprays. Although perfume sprays smell wonderful, they are not designed to last. Perfume Oils are all natural fragrances that are environmentally friendly and safer to use. They contain no alcohol or water, but instead a natural oil along with botanical extracts that combine to make a variety of fragrance designs that are long lasting - as it locks with our skin or any porous surface.

Perfume Oil can also be the key ingredient in many "feel good" products. Perfume Oils can be used to make candles, soap, shower gels, body lotion, scent massage oil, room freshners sprays or used with diffuser sticks or aroma lamps. No matter which you choose, the results will be a longer lasting fragrance, and lots of compliments.

Here are some other uses: You can freshen potpourri, put it in your shoes, relax when added to a bath, revamp artificial flowers, re-scent old air fresheners, place on cotton balls or paper towels to put in dresser drawers to make your clothing smell of your Signature Scent.You can also put a drop of oil on a cotton ball and throw in the dryer with your sheets or comforter to make your bedding and pillows have the scent of your favourite fragrance. You can do the same thing with your towels. A drop of oil on a ceiling fan at full speed makes your entire home smell fabulous.

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